against the odds in nevsehir

9:35 PM

salam alayk.

nevsehir, 4 a.m.
we thought the bus dropped us at the right station. turned out that it didn't. soon after we came out from the bus, we felt an enormous frigid cold on our hands. when i was waiting for aiza to take her bag, i was shivering. not a little but so much that i think i couldn't stand properly. i need to move. so, i walked around. wow, the bus otogar was very nice and modern. we were in nevsehir. we dropped here because we didn't know where to drop and the address of our hotel is somewhere between goreme and nevsehir. we decided to go inside the bus station to avoid the chill.

it was scaryyy. inside, there were some guys and women waiting for bus, shops were closed and there was a man with white beard kept telling us to follow him. he opened a tourist information office in the station. we thought it was like a NORMAL tourist office but it wasn't. we just passed in front of his office and when straight to toilet and surau.

we sat inside the surau until the day comes. honestly, we want to stay longer in the surau for safety purpose, but the toilet guy asked us to come out telling it was no longer prayer time. time flew slow. we still didn't know how to go to goreme. we had no coverage, no transportation, and only scam guys. and we were hungry.

all we have is only Allah. you know, it is very hard to trust strangers but sometimes, you really have to rely upon them.

so, we decided to go out of the bus station and found a bus at the end of the gate. so, we were running after it! super fast. soon as the bus left us, we started to feel the cold again. it was -6 Celcius. as soon as i felt numb on my hands, i quickly reached my gloves. still, it was not enough. the day was sunny but we just can't feel the heat. we continued waiting outside although it was cold.

30 minutes later, the man with white beard approached us and tell us to trust him.

"why you don't want to follow me? you looked at me like i'm a bad person!" he said.

"we just don't want to follow you. we can't trust anyone. we just trust each other." aiza said.

"no. no. i just want to help you. bus to goreme will come. i will tell you. trust me." he added.

aiza looked at me and said in malay, of course.

"kita buat gaya kita percaya dia jela. nanti tak ada la dia nak exaggerate sangat."

"ok." i replied.

"well now, you just sit inside the station. it is cold!" he instructed us.

we sat on the bench inside the bus station. and when another bus come, we decided to go outside although the man with beard told us not to. we went inside and aiza spoke arabic with a student and he said the bus is going to the city, not goreme.

"if you really want to ride the bus, just ride! don't blame me." said the man with beard when he saw us getting inside the bus.

we were in despair again. we sat on the bench outside the station. i can't recalled how, but there was another man who assured us that he will tell which one the bus to goreme. you know, like there was a time when you looked at the face of a stranger and you know that you can trust them on the first glimpse. so, we trusted him. and put all the faith to Allah.

turned out that a bus came and somehow, our instinct said that it is the right bus. we went outside and rushed to the bus. then, that man came and said sorry because he almost forgot to tell us about the bus. it's ok. alhamdulillah.

well, alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah. when we traveled, there will come times when we need people's help the most. and we have no one except those non-familiar faces around us. the strangers. the feelings was like yearning for their help but at the same time, doubting them. it was really hard. all we need to do is to put our outmost faith to Allah and at the same time, follow our instinct.

all the strangers that came to our life is the best people Allah put us with. the best! no one else could do except them. the man with beard, the kind man, the student, the toilet guy. they can be either good or bad, but still we need to see what Allah had plan for us at the positive view. banyak bersangka baik dengan Allah. that is the most important thing. Allah will protect and take care of you. you just need to trust him. :) as in the ayat below at surah ar-ra'd verses 11.

For each one are successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah . Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron.

and dropped at nevsehir might be the best for us, although it was quite scary and nerve-breaking. -.-" we just need to do our best to get us in a better way. insyaAllah. may all the things happened on us is the best from Allah, insyaAllah.

p/s: next time, take a bus to goreme, not nevsehir! heee.

the otogar

good morning sun but it is -6C!

aiza and aida.

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