something about aida

Assalamualaikum and hi!

My name is Nur Ezzati Aida. I'm a muslim, Alhamdulillah. Currently, I'm studying in Manipal University, India in Dentistry course. and when people asked me about India, I would say India is very amazing! I'm in love with it. That's why some doctors said that,

"you will not just learned about medicine, you'll learn about life in india."

Yup, that's true. Living in India made me become grateful and independent. and it is the door for me to travel too! So, if you are reluctant to come to India, well don't. You should come!

Comes to my blog, I started to love writing since in high school. Our English teacher always encouraged us to do English essay in which I always took that opportunity to write stories, instead of facts. The passion grew and the rest is history.

I always wondering, how do I always get the urge to write although I seldom update. And i found the answer. It was Allah that made me write. And it is always been Him. You know when you started to get boring and lose the passion to do something that you love, it is always Allah who made you do it again and again. and I regret it no more. InsyaAllah, I will always write.

There is one quote that I always remember till now;

"once an author, always an author."

Because it ain't easy to write. Because you really need passion to do so. InsyaAllah. And once you got the beat, the rest of the moments is yours. :)

Most of my writings are basically about what did I learn from this life that Allah had given me. And I hope they may benefit you even a small thing, insyaAllah. Not all are true and not all are lies. Only Allah knows the best. Most of them came from my college life, families, friends, and travel.

And, another thing is that, recently, I've developed my interest in camera. So, I always keen to do videos although I only managed to finish one. And I also love to take pictures and editing them. The pictures in this blog are mostly produced by Nikon D3100 and Sony Nex-3. So, all critics and advice are very welcomed here. InsyaAllah.

May Allah bless upon all of us. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it!

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