kashmir: hidden gems. ^^

11:51 AM

salam alayk!

salam aidilfitri. hope you have a blast of ramadhan and nice syawal, insyaAllah. :)

im gonna update bout kashmir. we stayed at srinagar. srinagar is the capital of kashmir. so, in srinagar there are mughal gardens, dal lake, hazratbal and of course, airport!

one day, we took a 3 hours of more on a shikara ride crossing the dal lake. we had a stopover at the 4 maple leaves island, hazratbal and some shops around the bank of the lake. hmm, i'll let the pictures speak. hehe.

kashmiri tea and snacks at the craft shop

closed due to curfew

chasing burung air!

father was speechless i think

another boat

setia bersama pas


i sat at the front most part of the shikara. love the view

aiza in front of 4 maple trees island

syaza, mia, aiza, kak hanna, mr firdous.

closer to the island, maple trees dah botak.

awkward moment when you are in an island with 4 maple trees  at the corner

and you decided to take pictures with trees. -.-"


boat cinta sudah berlepas


crystal water. ^^

it's cold but the sun is sunny! so, why not?


sunny afternoon

hmm, speechless lagi. subhanallah.

one of my best shots tho.

pigeons. masjid srinagar. hazratbal.

sweet kak tih in masjid. finally!

the corridor


one of the kashmir delicacies. sedap!! but mr firdous said, it is children's food. haha

shop in hazratbal

kebab in hazratbal

roads in hazratbal

ducks in hazratbal. yeah..


erm, jeti jugalah.

it's getting colder

ducks swimming in dal lake.

dome in repair

perfect mirror!!

again. lone ranger with alam. :)

maghrib is coming

one of my fav shots. a son paddling shikara with his mom. :)

fragile bridge


sun is setting down.

and aiza is getting happy. haha

the neighborhood in kashmir

and 2 friends

menurunkan atap shikara untuk mudah melalui under bridge.

people of kashmir

this part is quite dirty. sbb banyak residues dari their kitchen, domestics waste.

abandoned kuil

last but not least, syaza and mia!

so, amacam? i think kashmir really deserves the title. hehe. alhamdulillah, im really glad im coming here. i believe the Allaah's garden is far more beautiful than this. something we never imagine. and some of our brothers and sisters already claimed a spot there. alhamdulillah. do pray for our brothers and sisters in egypt, syria, palestin and every part in this world. islam gonna shine again. that is Allah's promise. :)

next posts: mughal gardens, sonamarg, pahalgam. :) stay tuned ye. hehe


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