first jaulah :)

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Salam alayk

the weather that day was cold and wet. the rain was too tired of pouring too heavy, just make the day as it it. in the car, a fight happened between a sister and the younger sister.

"you just make me late for jogging. plus, it is jam!" the sister threw her anger.

"i'm sorry." the only words the younger sister can say because she's helpless.

reaching the destination, the younger sister quickly moved out of the car and went straight to the other car while waving to her sister.

"thanks for driving me here. sorry for everything."

and that was the start of marvelous adventure, i could say. she looked into the green car and saw there are 2 person in the front and 2 person at the back. plus her, it would be 5 of them. carrying her luggage, she put it gently into the car since the bonnet was packed with other luggage as well.

soon after she stepped into the car, there were no greetings like "Assalamualaikum, how are you and blabla..". instead, they were reciting Al-Mathurat together while waiting for the late girl. being clueless and anxious of not had reciting Al-Mathurat for a long period of time, she was in the middle of nowhere she forgotten the verse of Quran or the Zikr. Okay, let's have the fresh start back, she said to herself silently.

well, most of us can say that this is just a simple routine or whatsoever, but believe me, this really require a very discipline person to practice twice a day. ask ourselves, do we recite Al-Mathurat twice a day? that Al-Mathurat that full with Prophet's do'a and zikr and holy verse of Quran. Even if we do not, ask ourselves do we recite Quran's verse at least one page per day? and don't lie to ourselves. okay, back to story.

the first house they visited was Cik Ro's house in Sikamat, Seremban. jaulah was not what she expected it to be. she thought jaulah is some sort of daurah where you listen to sisters' sharing and otherwise. but jaulah, it is more relaxing house to house visit and try to seek everything that Allah gave in this normal world. yeah, the normal world that practiced the society norm.

the most scared thing when she go to jaulah/usrah/daurah is to become the imam of the solat. because the reason is simple, she's not ready yet, her pronunciation was not that good. and she had to be imam for isyak solat. well, insyaAllah, the solat will be accepted. after they ate nasi arab prepared by Cik Ro and her sister, Cik Bib, they headed to living room to have a little but meaningful sharing.

what she loved the most was Cik Ro's story told about how Cik Ro's survived as a muslim who practiced Islam wholly during the day when Islam was alienated (70's/80's). and she still remember the host's words,

"To gain something, we must sacrifice something".

okay, to gain straight a's in exam, we need to sacrifice our leisure time to study.
to gain good money, we must first invest little money.
to gain friends, we must sacrifice our time to be with books.

it is an essential thing. but have we ever wondered,

"To get Islam, what did we do?"

what do you do to gain Islam. or you didn't do anything? i believe that this answer can be clearly ask to muallaf instead of persons who already a Muslim since they were born. if i was asked with this question at first, i had no answer. after practicing Islam wholly, then only I can find the answer.

O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely [and perfectly] and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. (2:208)

see?! did we enter Islam completely? but, alhamdulillah, at least this girl sacrifice just a portion of her holidays for Islam. even if we do not try to gain Islam, and we try to gain other things; we will then find Islam at the core of the things that we are trying so hard to get it. and this is how the non-muslims converted to islam. Because the find everything in this world related to islam, as islam is a religion that is very suitable for human's fitra.

again, ask ouselves, what did we do to gain Islam as a Muslim?

Wallahu ahlam~

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