admiring the Palestinian

11:42 PM

salam alayk

sorry, but this time is not about jaulah, but self-relfection. it's been a week after jaulah ended and i reflect myself. i see if myself had turned into someone better to indicate whether this dakwah is a success or not; or i had become normal person who keep wasting holidays with sleeping, watching movies and others.

indeed, i chose second person, but alhamdulillah, still trying to be the first person. i'm glad that i had improved my mutabaah amal by doing couples of ibadat sunat which before this, i never done this successfully.

there were times when i felt so lazy to do anything. i always bear in mind that even if i try to be off from dakwah thingy, i should die because my purpose of living in this world had gone. so, thinking bout that, insyaAllah, i'm still here, in this world trying to ensure that I'm apart of Islam.

seeing videos about Palestin really moved me. if i was a part of them, i would rather die from being tortured. but, still, they try to be strong to keep on living to prove that they still had job undone, which fighting for Islam. what about me? what about us?

IB programme is a tough and challenging thing, but, i believe, it is not that tough to be compared with the life the Palestinian had. i keep on ranting why my life should be like this and that, why Allah gave me IB to confront with and why Allah give me hard persons to deal with. did the Palestinian did that?


i really admired their strength to live on, and this is what drive me to keep on living. try to live to the fullest on your purposes in this world. Alhamdulillah. Ya, Allah. may You give strength and patient to my brothers and sisters all over the world to keep on living because of You. insyaAllah.

Wallahu Ahlam~

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