Leadership at Last. Ever thought?

12:05 AM

Salam alayk.

I'm just went back from MPP meeting, after a long 'break' for ridiculous reasons. And Alhamdulillah, it was not an ordinary meeting like those we had every Tuesday night discussing about this event and had other events. What I can say, it was heart-to-heart meeting. And Subhanallah, everyone was so open-minded as of course, I can see their leadership shining there.

There's an Islam women, who I could remember her name, Aminah had said that:

If syaitan reminds us about our past (which could be bad), reminds him about his future (jahanam).

Ok, to be precise, I didn't have any leadership experience before except, I've been ALK (koperasi) and that's all. And Subhanallah, Allah wants me to gain as much leadership as possible in here, KMS. It ain't easy, yet I have to adapt myself to be braver, open-minded, and be tough because a leader can't always satisfy every party they want. So, I thought that being MPP during my first semester here, it was very challenging, I didn't do much work as others (think so) and because of that, I felt so guilty. Being the only two IB MPP in the organisation, I thought that maybe they didn't want to burden ourselves with much tasks, so I thought maybe things went just like that. Of course, with lacks of communication skills and leadership aura (perhaps), I just can't get along with them and other people as well.

So, I decided to behave more and improve myself during second semester.

When Mau stand up there talking about a very serious matter I guess, suddenly, he came out a question.

"Perempuan, ada nak cakap apa2?
bertenang, kita open hari ini." he said, watching for any girl to volunteer.

And, I didn't know where I got the courage to speak when the whole room started to be intense ( or focused), I volunteered myself. And Alhamdulillah, they were the words that came out from my heart wholly, and I felt very honest and relieved. InsyaAllah, it was a small step to make a fresh start to become good leader.

Friends, being a leader isn't an easy job. Not only focused in satisfying student's need, but to make ourselves as leader, satisfied with what had we contributed to the society. Believe or not, we really have intentions to work out for the society, but sometimes, there's leader who can't find any approach to do so. Sometimes, to ignore other people's glance towards us, it's hard because we tend to care what other people said about us. A friend gave me this.

one of the most valuable thing i learnt as a leader for years; having rock-solid determination, n rock-solid dependency on Allah

the people will always try to tear u apart my fren

dats part of leadership

Yes, have rock-solid determination so that, we hardly could be influenced by other people's thought. eg, negative thoughts.

And to be a best leader need a lots of works to do, and remember that Allah is always there to help us. HE already made a promise with us.

7. O ye who believe! If ye help Allah, He will help you and will make your foothold firm. (Muhammad:7)

But, always believe yourself and have faith on HIM, it's always up to our capabilities when we're selected by Allah to become khalifah in this world although it's very tough. Allah will always help us.


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